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Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation – Parnassus Road, et al.

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23-11548-C Construction Additional Files

The City of Berkeley is advertising the Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation – Parnassus Road, et al, Specification No. 23-11548-C.  Bids will be received at the General Services Division of the Finance Department of the City of Berkeley, 2180 Milvia Street, 3rd Floor, Berkeley, CA 94704 until 2:00 pm on December 13, 2022.

The Engineer’s estimate for the work is $5,200,000.

The work of this contract is briefly summarized as follows:

Point (spot) repairs of 6-inch diameter and 8-inch diameter sanitary sewer at various locations; CIPP lining (Method "A") of approximately 483 linear feet of 6-inch diameter sanitary sewer mains; Pipe-bursting (Method "B") rehabilitation of approximately 5,039 linear feet of 6-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch diameter sanitary sewer mains; Traditional Open-trench (Method "C") replacement of approximately 717 linear feet of 8-inch diameter sanitary sewer main; Construction and rehabilitation of maintenance holes including excavation and related work; and Abandonment of approximately 36 linear feet of 6-inch diameter sanitary sewer main and 3 sewer structures.

Traffic Control Plans (TCP) must be prepared to avoid and minimize construction impacts on pedestrian, bicycle, and bus facilities in Berkeley consistent with the City's policies. TCP must follow guidance and intent provided in APPENDIX 10.

Many of the works sites are located within City of Berkeley Fire Zone 2 and are subjected to restrictions imposed during the Red-Flag warnings.

Many of the work sites are located on private properties with limited access and requires coordination with City and private property owners

The bid schedule in the Bidder’s Proposal lists the bid items, which are detailed in the Technical Provisions and in the Plans.

California Contractor License Classification required: A California Class A General Engineering, C-34 Pipeline, or C-42 Sanitation System.

Non-Mandatory Pre-Bid Site Visit: A pre-bid site visit will be held at 9:00 am on November 18, 2022. All participants shall meet at 1005 Creston Rd, Berkeley, CA. The site visit will continue to the following locations:

  • 1031 Creston Rd, Berkeley, CA
  • 80 Hill Rd, Berkeley, CA
  • 10 Summit Rd, Berkeley, CA
  • 1565 Olympus Ave, Berkeley, CA
  • 1530 Summit Rd, Berkeley, CA
  • 54 Tamalpais Rd, Berkeley, CA
  • 1471 La Loma Ave, Berkeley, CA

The pre-bid site visit will allow the contractor to view actual site condition for the work. Site access is possible only when accompanied by the City’s representative. Bidders are strongly advised to visit the project site prior to bidding. Bid documents are available on this page.

Planholders List: Bidders are responsible for notifying Stephanie Angcla, Junior Public Works Engineer, via email at to be included on the Planholders List. Please include the following in the email subject header:

“Spec. 23-11548-C – Request to be included in project Planholders List". In the body of the email, please state the Name of the Company Representative, Company Name, Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, and Email Address.

Technical questions should be directed to Stephanie Angcla, Junior Public Works Engineer, City of Berkeley at no later than 5:00 pm, Tuesday, November 29, 2022.


Stephanie Angcla, Junior Public Works Engineer