Berkeley Electric Mobility Roadmap

Adoption Date:

The Berkeley Electric Mobility Roadmap identifies goals, strategies, and actions to create a fossil fuel-free transportation system that integrates with and supports the City’s ongoing efforts to increase walking, biking, and public transportation, and ensures equitable access to the benefits of clean transportation.

With transportation responsible for 60% of Berkeley’s greenhouse gas emissions, carbon neutrality cannot be achieved without electric mobility.  Cleaner electricity, now available through East Bay Community Energy, and State and local commitments to 100% renewable electricity by 2045, give electrification tremendous promise. The Berkeley Electric Mobility Roadmap is an essential building block of Berkeley’s overall climate strategy.  

The goals outlined in the roadmap include:

  • Ensure Equity in Access to Electric Mobility
  • Improve Alternatives to Driving
  • Achieve Zero Net Carbon Emissions
  • Demonstrate City Leadership

This Roadmap centers equity by acknowledging and addressing the inequalities of our current transportation system. Early engagement of community-based organizations and nonprofits helped to identify important mobility gaps for low-income constituents, renters, communities of color, people with disabilities, and other priority stakeholders. Equity was used as a lens through which all proposed strategies were filtered.

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