Adopted Plans

The work that the City does around specific strategic priorities or initiatives are guided by the adopted plans listed below.

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Name Adopted Summary
Adeline Corridor Specific Plan

The Adeline Corridor Specific Plan articulates a community vision and planning framework that will serve as a guide for the City and other public agency decision-makers, community members and other stakeholders over the next 20 years.

Age-Friendly Berkeley Action Plan

The Age-Friendly Berkeley Action Plan is a three-year action plan to improve the experience of older adults in our community, with four focus areas: housing and economic security, transportation and mobility, health and wellness, and social participation and civic engagement. 

Berkeley Bicycle Plan

On May 2, 2017 the Berkeley City Council approved the Berkeley Bicycle Plan 2017. The vision of the Bicycle Plan is to make Berkeley a model bicycle-friendly city where bicycling is a safe, attractive, easy, and convenient form of transportation and recreation for people of all ages and bicycling abilities.

Berkeley Climate Action Plan

The City of Berkeley’s Climate Action Plan sets forth a vision of a more sustainable, livable, equitable, and economically vibrant community. By using energy more efficiently, harnessing renewable electricity to power our buildings, enhancing access to sustainable transportation, reducing waste, and building local food systems, we can keep dollars in our local economy, create new green jobs, and improve our quality of life.

Berkeley Electric Mobility Roadmap

The Berkeley Electric Mobility Roadmap identifies goals, strategies, and actions to create a fossil fuel-free transportation system that integrates with and supports the City’s ongoing efforts to increase walking, biking, and public transportation, and ensures equitable access to the benefits of clean transportation.

Berkeley Existing Buildings Electrification Strategy

 The Berkeley Existing Buildings Electrification Strategy is a groundbreaking plan to transition existing buildings in Berkeley from natural gas appliances to all-electric alternatives in a way that benefits all residents, especially members of historically marginalized communities.

Berkeley Resilience Strategy

The Berkeley Resilience Strategy is a plan to advance preparedness and equity in Berkeley, a community known for inclusiveness and innovation. 

Berkeley Strategic Transportation (BeST) Plan

The Berkeley Strategic Transportation (BeST) Plan is about preparing for and prioritizing the physical enhancement of Berkeley’s transportation network to improve access and mobility for all its users; improving safety for everyone traveling within our city; increasing access to favorite destinations and crucial parts of our great city; providing options for our diverse communities; and protecting our environment. 

Citywide Pools Master Plan

The Berkeley Citywide Pools Master Plan addresses citywide needs and interests related to pools and aquatic programs. 

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

The Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) is a roadmap for how the City of Berkeley and community members can best manage wildfire risks.