Berkeley Strategic Transportation (BeST) Plan

Adoption Date:

The Berkeley Strategic Transportation (BeST) Plan is about preparing for and prioritizing the physical enhancement of Berkeley’s transportation network to improve access and mobility for all its users; improving safety for everyone traveling within our city; increasing access to favorite destinations and crucial parts of our great city; providing options for our diverse communities; and protecting our environment. 

The goals, policies and guidelines from Berkeley’s adopted plans were organized into a series of streamlined project “evaluation criteria.” These evaluation criteria were weighted relative to one another based on public responses to a survey administered citywide in Spring 2016.The transportation-related improvements recommended in Berkeley’s adopted plans were then grouped into projects – both geographically (e.g., improvements associated with a key street) and programmatically (e.g., bicycle and pedestrian crossing improvements around the city). The projects were scored according to how well they met the weighted evaluation criteria, allowing one set of improvements to be compared to another. The individual scores were combined into a single score for each project, which was used to set priorities for moving each project forward towards construction.