Berkeley Resilience Strategy

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The Berkeley Resilience Strategy is a plan to advance preparedness and equity in Berkeley, a community known for inclusiveness and innovation. 

Creating a Resilient Berkeley 

A city's resilience is defined by the ability of the community to survive, adapt and thrive no matter what acute shock or chronic challenge it experiences. Advancing Berkeley's resilience requires working together to identify solutions that have multiple benefits and address multiple challenges at once.   

Berkeley's Resilience Strategy

On April 1, 2016, Berkeley released its Resilience Strategy, which identifies six long-term goals and short-term actions to help address some of Berkeley’s most pressing challenges. 


  1. Build a connected and prepared community 

  1. Accelerate access to reliable and clean energy 

  1. Adapt to the changing climate 

  1. Advance racial equity 

  1. Excel at working together within City government to better serve the community 

  1. Build regional resilience 

What You Can Do

In the spirit of connectedness, the Resilience Strategy is also an invitation for all residents and organizations to partner with the City government and other community leaders to build Berkeley’s resilience together.  

  • Get trained: Learn disaster preparedness skills for your household, pets and neighbors at free Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) classes. 

  • Connect with local Community Resilience Centers: Find trainings and other disaster preparedness resources. 

  • Know your neighbors: The City provides incentives, such as a cache of emergency supplies for neighborhood groups that work together to prepare for disasters. 

  • Save water: Take advantage of incentives and assistance to help you conserve water at home and save money on your utility bill. 

  • Stay informed: Find useful information to keep you and your loved ones safe during an emergency. Sign up for the City's alerting system

Berkeley's Energy Assurance Transformation (BEAT) Microgrid Project

Learn about the City's efforts to advance Goal 2: Accelerate Access to Reliable & Clean Energy through Berkeley's Energy Assurance Transformation (BEAT) Microgrid Project: