Marina Master Plan

Adoption Date:

The Marina Master Plan represents a commitment on the part of the community and the City to provide a long-term recreation, capital projects, and open space enhancement program for the Marina.

The purpose of the Marina master Plan is to: 

  1. Provide for replacing and remodeling existing commercial and non-profit facilities, including consideration for some limited expansion on a case-by-case basis without any mid to large-scale development; 

  1. Enhance open space and recreational opportunities; 

  1. Enhance and protect wildlife habitat; 

  1. Address the future viability of the Marina; 

  1. Identify capital needs, specific improvement projects, and desirable enhancements; 

  1. Present a financial program that projects revenue and expenses (both operating and capital) over the next twenty years; and 

  1. Implement the 2002 General Plan.