General Plan

Adoption Date:

The Berkeley General Plan is a comprehensive, and long-range statement of community priorities and values developed to guide public decision-making in future years.

The Plan’s goals, objectives, and policies serve as a guide day-to-day decisions that are essential for responsive government. Decisions made by Berkeley City Council and its advisory boards, and commissions about the physical development of the City should be consistent with the goals, objectives, and policies of this Plan. The City Council and Planning Commission will use the General Plan when evaluating land use changes and making funding and budget decisions. It will be used by the Zoning Adjustments Board and City staff to help regulate development proposals and make decisions on projects. The policies of the Plan apply to all property, both public and private, within the Berkeley city limits. Although the University of California and other State/County agencies are not legally obligated to comply with the Plan, mutual cooperation benefits all agencies.