Pedestrian Plan

Adoption Date:

The Berkeley 2020 Pedestrian Plan (the Plan) establishes a clear path forward for pedestrian infrastructure improvements by focusing its recommendations and goals squarely on equity and safety.

The vision of the Plan is that “Berkeley is a model walkable city where traveling on foot or with an assistive device is safe, comfortable, and convenient for people of all races, ethnicities, incomes, ages, and abilities”.

The Plan also includes a set of goals for improving pedestrian transportation in Berkeley, performance measures for evaluating and prioritizing streets for future pedestrian infrastructure improvements, maps showing recommended pedestrian infrastructure projects on ten priority streets, recommendations for new citywide programs and policies, and cost estimates for the projects on the ten priority streets. The appendices to the Plan include new design guidance for future pedestrian facilities and a citywide assessment of lighting needs at pedestrian street crossings.

The Plan is a result of a robust public engagement process including two public open houses, information tables at eight community events, a public survey, a City Council Work Session, and presentations at numerous Transportation Commission (TC) and TC Subcommittee meetings, culminating in City Council adoption in January 2021. 

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