2213 Fourth Street and 787 Bancroft Way

The site is located east of Fourth Street and west of Fifth Street between Allston Way and Bancroft Way. The proposed Parking Structures will be primarily used for employee parking for the adjacent office and lab uses. The structure will span the entire width of the existing block between Fourth and Fifth Street and occurs roughly midblock between Allston and Bancroft Ways. Vehicular ingress and egress aisles are anticipated to be positioned at the east and west ends of the structure with curb cuts on Fourth and Fifth Street. Positioning of vehicular access at the north end of the structure on Fourth Street allows for landscaped buffers and an uninterrupted pedestrian access to the office and lab buildings for which the garage serves. In addition to passenger vehicles, the project provides a single bay loading facility which will be accessed off of Fourth Street. A landscaped parklet will also be provided north of the proposed parking structure which will be used for storm water treatment as well as be a secured amenity for the adjacent office and lab uses.

With a projected capacity of 415 vehicular spaces, the garage will likely be four levels above grade on Fourth Street, approximately 45 feet in height and three levels above grade on Fifth Street, approximately 35 feet in height.

Phase II: 2213 Fourth Street - ZP2021-0043

Phase III: 787 Bancroft Way - ZP2021-0096

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Rendering of TheLAB on Fourth Street, Berkeley


Permit Type Permit # Date Received Status
Use Permit ZP2021-0043 Application Filed
Use Permit ZP2021-0096 Application Filed
Design Review DRCP2021-0012 Design Review
Governing Body: Design Review Committee
Design Review DRCP2021-0005 Design Review
Governing Body: Design Review Committee